Asus Eee PC S101 – Review

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Asus Eee PC S101 review

After jump starting the whole Netbook market with the first, tiny Eee models, ASUS now goes the other way. Mainly by making heavier machines – that is, relatively speaking. Because only a minority will probably think that a luxurious mini-machine with 10.2-inch screen for just 5000 dollars is a vulgar costly or voluminous size.

Because with a thickness of 18-25 milliliters, its virtually silent operation and built solid-state drive Asus Eee S101 will charge the MacBook Air even potential customers. Just a quarter of the price, if we start from that they would ha ‘with a Mac – although bigger – SSD drives. There is also a pet for the design of a cabinet made partly of aluminum, so you can really let the machine slide up by Louis Vuitton-bag of Singapore Airlines opulent business class.

+ Great design
+ Silent
+ Large keyboard
+ Bright screen
+ Good batteries

– Expensive

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