Where to Buy the Big Lebowski Sweater: Cardigan Style

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We recently wrote about Jeff Bridges’ sunglasses in The Big Lebowski, but one can’t sport the sunglasses without the sweater.

While Jeff Bridges’ star turn as Jeff Lebowski in the 1998 Coen Brothers movie The Big Lebowski may not immediately appear to be any sort of style icon (Lebowski seems to spend most of the movie slouching around in a weather-beaten dressing gown), in the 13 years since The Big Lebowski hit our screens The Dude has become something of a trend setter, and it’s all thanks to one very special sweater.

Throughout the movie Lebowski can be seen skulking around in a rather fetching – if dirty and well past its prime – Pendleton cardigan. At the time, of course, the humble cardigan was strictly the preserve of the old and uncool – a frumpy throwback shunned by the young. In the years since, though, the cardigan has enjoyed a resurgence that has seen it become a fashion staple. While Lebowski’s sweater was intended to show that The Dude was a man unconcerned by the comings and going of fashion trends he accidentally became a style icon. Real life, it seems, imitates art, as The Dude himself made a habit of stumbling blindly into unexpected situations.

the Big Lebowski Sweater

This undeniably cool cardigan is a Cowichan style piece, made by Costume Agent to replicate the original.

And here is a more modern sweater/hoodie.

The sweater is a throwback to the hippie and folkie sub-cultures of the 60s with which The Dude identifies. It’s an intentional snub to consumerism, a middle finger to The Gap, Armani and Nike. If this sweater has a slogan it’s ‘Just don’t do it’.

The Big Lebowski sweater is a vintage piece, but in the years since the movie the enormous level of interest in the cardigan spurred Pendleton to re-release it as The Dude Shawl Sweater.

The Big Lebowski cardigan is a faithful reproduction of the Cowichan style. The pattern has been rejigged a little for the sake of style, but the detail of the original remains. Shawl collar, low zipper and funky pattern are all present and correct. I’ll be rocking mine down at the bar this evening.

I like your style, Dude.

4 thoughts on “Where to Buy the Big Lebowski Sweater: Cardigan Style

  1. Big Lebowski’s definitely one of those movies that didn’t get as much attention as it deserved. It’s by far one of the smartest movie of the 90’s, but it only now gets some of the recognition it deserves. I’m going to get me the sweater and the cardigan from the movie, wear them, and watch the movie all over again.

  2. Pendleton is totally *the* authority in wool. I really didn’t know much about it for a while – I own a resale shop and someone came in to sell me a huge lot of gold hats and sweaters, apparently their grandfather had been a stylish golfer and stumbled upon a nice sale. I put them on my shelves, and they started to fly off! Who knew that these would become the next big thing?

  3. I love this sweater. I would buy it for my boyfriend in a second. I know that you can find similar sweaters at thrift stores, but this exact one is a bit more expensive. I think that this actual sweater is probably way nicer than the ones at the thrift stores, but if you are thrifty shopper like me than you will find some similar styles at a thrift store for way cheaper.

  4. I saw the Big Lebowski’s in college and it has become a favorite for me and my buddies. This sweater is awesome and I mean who wouldn’t want to be “The Dude” if it came with a white russian it would be perfect.

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