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With Christmas fast approaching you’ll naturally want to pick up a whole mess of toys, games and DVDs for the young ones. While this shopping frenzy can be a dangerous mixture of fun and stress, it can also be a valuable opportunity to pick up a whole host of educational tools (though don’t tell the kids that).

The Leap Frog Letter Factory is just one such educational tool. The Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD is a spinoff from the incredibly popular Leap Frog Letter Factory series of educational toys, In the DVD Tad, Leap and Lily make learning fun, presenting a phonics program so fun that the wee ones won’t even realize they’re learning while they watch!

In the movie, Tad is introduced to Professor Quigley, who takes him on a full filled adventure during which Tad learns all about the letters of the alphabet. He karate kicks through the K’s, snores with the Z’s and everything in between! The DVD is packed with catchy songs and exercises that will have your little ones yelling along with Tad and the Professor.


We don’t often write about kid’s stuff here, but the Leap Frog Letter Factory DVD really impressed us. My two young nephews learned their alphabet through this great, fun educational tool, and when you take a look at some of the glowing reviews it’s clear that they weren’t the only ones…

I just can’t believe how well done this DVD is for little ones. My little guy, age 3, learned his letters and sounds very quickly after watching this DVD. Then, 3 weeks later after not watching it for about that long, he’s still talking about what sounds each letter makes.

It’s very well done, makes it very easy for children to understand, plus it’s very enjoyable to watch. After about 34 times of hearing, “The R says errrr” with that tune attached gets a little redundant, but not to little ones. You have to get this for every preschooler you know. It’s really that good! — C2, Dublin, Ohio

My son LOVED this- it’s catchy and entertaining. Within a couple of entirely voluntary viewings he had everything down and the phonics too rather than a jarbled and meaningless ABCDEFG recitation. It’s too cute hearing him say “B” says bah! A definite great buy.

And highly recommended is the Math Circus as well when they get around 2 1/2 -3 years old. — Tiara Stafford, USA

LeapFrog: Letter Factory (DVD)
Director: Roy Allen Smith
Starring: Ginny Westcott
Rating: NR (Not Rated)

New From: $6.53 In Stock
Used from: $6.26 In Stock
Release date May 12, 2003.

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