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GoToMyPc: Connecting to a remote PC easily has been the dream of every travelling businessman. They need to access the PC at their office from different locations around the world. There are different types of programs designed to make this task easy, but do they do so? This remote desktop program does not requires you to purchase 2 copies of the same. Technical help is required to install the programs on both the PC’s.

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GoToMyPc – A Remote Desktop Program

If you are travelling around with a laptop or using it on your home cmoputer, installing (and setting up) this software will be a one-time thing. Also, GoToMyPc doesn’t cause any problems with the firewall, as it only outbound connections (so, no need to tweak the firewall). GoToMyPc easily solves all these headaches. You only need to purchase just one copy of this remote desktop program and install it on the two devices you would like to connect between.

The robust build of the remote access software ensures that the remote PC never hangs when you need it most and when there are no personnel to reboot the remote PC. When you log into the software’s web side, it downloads a “thin client” on to the PC you are connecting from and you are ready to go. Log on to the remote PC and download your mails, programs and important data files. Like with every other program, there are some downsides too.

This software is subscription based. You have to renew the subscription every month. This is one of the fastest and extremely reliable software for those who seek to access their remote PC from locations round the globe. If you are still not convinced, why not try the software for 15 days for free by clicking here? Find out how you can transfer your files across the globe reliably.

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