Spiderman Coloring Pages for Kids

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Well, Christmas is fast approaching and it’s time to pick out a few stocking fillers to keep the kids busy through the festive period. Everyone loves Spiderman, right? Of course they do, so here are our favorite Spiderman coloring pages for kids…

Spider-Man Jumbo Color & Activity Book (Paperback)

New From: $98.71 In Stock
Used from: $2.46 In Stock
Release date January 4, 2005.
Spider-Man 3: Coloring and Activity Book and Stickers (Paperback)
By (author) Allyson Corbett

New From: $42.48 In Stock
Used from: $41.62 In Stock
Release date March 27, 2007.

As you can see this is a dangerously brief article (really, how much can you write about Spiderman coloring pages for kids?). What we’d like to do, though, is quickly point out our favorite Spiderman activity book. It’s not a coloring book per se, but my son has been going crazy about this book, so when I told him I’d be spending my day writing about coloring pages (I have the best job in the world) he ran up to his room, came back clutching his favorite book and insisted I write about it.

So, in equal measures because I love my son and I’m horrendously lazy, here’s our favorite book of Spiderman coloring pages…

Ultimate Sticker Book: Glow-in-the-Dark: Spider-Man (Ultimate Sticker Books) (Paperback)
By (author) DK Publishing

New From: $2.79 In Stock
Used from: $0.01 In Stock

Quite apart from my son’s enthusiasm this book is actually really cool. You get a huge bunch of reusable glow in the dark stickers that each correspond to a particular page in the book. Every night my son and I go through the book and work on a page – though, to be honest, most of the stickers ended up on my son’t lunch box and bedroom door.

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