Video Surveillance Security Systems: Peace Of Mind In Today’s Troubled World

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I was first introduced to the world of video surveillance security systems when my wife Laura and I bought our first home. When we moved in, like all good homeowners, we had the locks on all the doors changed. While installing the new lock on our side door entrance, the locksmith called our attention to a disturbing fact: there was evidence that someone had tried to gain entry through that door by forcing it. It is a very troubling feeling when you know that your home might have been compromised by a stranger.

We immediately realized that we needed protection, so we started researching video surveillance security systems. We were amazed at the great variety of models and types of equipment available. It took us a while to sort out all the information to make a good choice. Based on what we learned about video surveillance security systems, I have tried to provide you with some helpful information to get you started.

First things first: When and where could you use video surveillance security systems? Basically all security systems can be used in one of 4 situations (or environments): in the home, in the workplace (to monitor the activities of employees), in monitoring retail stores (both customers and employees), and in monitoring public places (such as parking garages and bus stops, busy street corners, etc.).
Many homeowners have discovered the many uses for video surveillance security systems: watching the kids – whether they are in another room (for bigger homes), or outside, or when the parents are away; using video surveillance security systems it is also possible to monitor pets in the same way – sometimes minding them when the owner is in another part of the house, or when absent entirely from the home.

Business owners have been using video surveillance security systems for years to monitor employees. Doing so has a direct impact: boosting employee production (less “goofing off”), less workplace theft, and making employees feel more secure as they travel about the premises. Video surveillance security systems can also be used to monitor the premises of buildings, to prevent unauthorized persons from loitering about.
Retail outlets and shops, of course, have been big users of video surveillance security systems, both to monitor customer’s behavior for shoplifting violations, as well as monitoring the behavior of their employees. Some retail discount outlets are enclosed in very large buildings, and it is cost-prohibitive to hire more and more security guards to police the premises (not to mention the fact that this makes most customers feel very uneasy!). The cost of the technology behind video surveillance security systems has been steadily dropping, whereas the cost of hiring and maintaining a human security force is increasing – so it makes sense for retailers to prefer security systems.

Finally, even local governments have turned to video surveillance security systems as a cost-effective solution for monitoring public places. Even public schools, colleges and universities with large, spread-out campuses, are investing in this technology. Video surveillance security systems allow these schools to provide continuous security monitoring with a minimum staff, and very little intrusion into the environment.

Truly, video surveillance security systems provide peace of mind in today’s troubled world!

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