Differences in Windows 7 versions

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Though many was hoping that this version of Windows would be released in a much simpler form than Windows XP and Vista, Microsoft decided to keep running down the same path. This means that Win7 has been released in many editions. According to Microsoft, it is a try to keep everybody happy.

The smallest edition is Windows Starter, which is only released as a 32 bit operation system. The design is downgraded compared to the other editions (besides Windows 7 Home Basic) and doesn’t Aero Glass. This is to make the operation system a lightweight and therefore easier to run on a small notebook.

Windows Starter can’t be bought in store and is only available as a pre-installed system on notebooks from Microsoft vendors.

Listed below are the rest of the editions:

• Windows 7 Premium
• Windows 7 Basic (Home)
• Windows 7 Professional
• Windows 7 Ultimate
• Windows 7 Home (Premium)

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