Top 10 Professional Ways To Get High PR Backlinks

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Link Directories

Requesting backlinks from link directories is amoung one the oldest and most primitive ways to get backlinks. These link (directories) are typically defined as either paid or free and are either way an easy way to get backlinks from high PR websites. The following two lists includes the top 5 paid and free directories.

Top 5 Free Link Directories

Top 5 Paid Link directories

Guest blogging

The term guest blogging covers the act of blogging (writing blog posts) on external blogs for the purpose of achiving awareness of your brand/website (e.g. in terms of a (high PR) backlinks). Some of the most well known blogs that accept blog posts from guest bloggers are listed below.

Top 5 Guest Blogs

Social Bookmarking

Social Bookmarking websites are designed to help users share links (e.i. stories, pictures/images, and videos) amoung the community. Assuming you have something share-worthy, using social bookmarking may not just provide you backlinks but also traffic. Below you will find the five biggest social bookmarking websites.

Top 5 Social bookmarking Websites

Paid posts/paid links

Buying blog posts (or links) is often a more complicated matter. Since it is against Google’s ‘Terms of Service’, most blog owners don’t advertise this option. Instead, you will have to either establish a direct deal between you and the blog owner. To find blog owners that are willing to negotiate such deals, you can browse through some of the popular networks (e.g. or forums with categories for such specific deals (e.g. Digital Point).

Article Publishing

In the past years, article publishing has become one of the most popular methods to get high PR backlinks. All it takes is a well written article (advisable in the same niche as your company/website).

Article Directories

Press Release Publishing

By using press release services you can target anything from local media and larger networks including Google News And Yahoo! News.


RSS Directories

The advantage of Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is self-explaining. By submitting your RSS feed to the top RSS directories you make sure that all your new posts/articles get a few quick backlinks right after they have been published on your website.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to get both direct and indirect backlinks, as many (profile) pages are synchronized with other websites. Additionally, many social platforms (including FaceBook, Twitter and Google+) offer free exposure to a targeted audience.

Blogging Platform

The advantage of using blogging platforms is that you have full control of the content posted. As long as you follow the ‘Terms of Service’ for each platform, the content you post is the content the visitors will see. It also means that you will be able to create a more relevant page/site to link from.

Top 5 Guest Blogs

Automatic Tool

A series of software is available to (semi) automate many of the mentioned methoeds to get high PR backlinks. A few of them are mentioned below.
AutoPligg – Fast social bookmarking to most pligg platforms.
SENuke – Simplifies submission of articles, press releases, and more.
The Best spinner – Easy spinning of articles (mostly used for article publishing)
Though, you should be aware that using the mentioned tools may be in violation of Google’s quality guidelines.

Web 2.0

Like blogging platforms, web 2.0 platforms often provides (parts) of the same control of the page. But opposite to blogging platforms which requires you to create and run an entire blog/website, web 2.0 platforms are often based on single pages. The two most popular websites in this niche are Squidoo and HubPages.

Link Baiting

Creating a hype about your brand/website by twisting the way you present your content can generate a great deal of backlinks for your website. The mentioned article below shows a set of examples of effective link bait methods.

  • Effective Link Bait Examples and Techniques
  • Because of the power of inbound links, Link Bait is becoming more of a main stream marketing tactic. Here you will find examples and way you can create link bait to spread virally across the web.

    High PR Backlinks and ROI

    As with any other marketing or SEO strategies, tracking is the keyword. Without tracking your results and ROI you are very likely to loose money. What may be effective for one company may be ineffective for another. That is why you need to find out what works best for you and your company. Read more at SEOMoz.


    Resources On How To Get High PR Backlinks


  • How to Build Links Fast: 101 Tips & Strategies
  • Link Building… Time-intensive. Frustrating. Sometimes confusing. Yet Unavoidable. Because ultimately, it’s still the trump card for higher rankings.

  • What is Link Building? Strategies & Examples – The Beginners Guide to SEO
  • For search engines that crawl the web, links are the streets between pages. Using link analysis, the engines can discover how pages are related to other pages and in what ways. Since the late 1990’s links have also served as a stand-in for votes – representing the democracy of the web’s opinion about what pages are important and popular.


    33 thoughts on “Top 10 Professional Ways To Get High PR Backlinks

    1. Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge about backlinks and how to get them. I’m just starting up with the link building process for my site, and I already have a few PR5 backlinks from relevant sites.
      So, thank you again.

    2. True True True. I have also found that submitting your Url to massive amounts of free directories helps enormously. Especially if you link back to them from your site. Make a links page, or have it on your home page and deliver these other sites some traffic. Sooner or later, they’ll notice and it will benefit your crusade to a higher page rank. has a good list of fluctuating Pr directories that when you submit your site to them, link back to them, it helps. You’d be surprised.

    3. Everybody wants to have a high PR backlink to their site from a premium site. How effective this backlink will be is decided by what PR that website carries. Of course, if you are getting backlink from a page that is PR 5 or above you have reasons to be happy.

    4. Thanks for the information,it will come in quite handy for building backlinks to my site. Keep the info hot this helps people with business websites.

    5. In response to Ray, submitting your site to “…massive amounts of free directories” does not, in my experience, “help enormously” when trying to raise PR. Free, unedited directories are a throwback to early noughties link building. Today’s cutting edge link building takes place in the realm of social media – YouTube, Facebook, Reddit and Digg are where the real links and exposure are to be found.

    6. In response to the previous comments…this article is about obtaining links from high page rank pages and not about obtaining link popularity which are two different forms of SEO. Link popularity helps you define how the search engines see your site/page whereas page rank helps determine the importance of the site/page.

      Hope that helps.

    7. Okay I need to find some backlinks but was told that submitting to those sorts of “anyone can submit their link” sites, even if high PR, does not pass pr since they have so many outbound links. Better to get a lower PR site one-way that has not prostitutionalized itself out.

    8. How do you get a strong backlink? Unless you know what constitutes a strong backlink, there is no way you can get one. A strong backlink is the one that you obtain from PR 6 or 7 or more. For instance, is one such link. If only your site has a link from there, then you have the easy path to having a strong backlink.

    9. Thank you very much. I’m having a hard time figuring backlinks out.You make it sound simple,and I’m going to do my best to get backlinks the proper way.

    10. I have found the most effective way is to search out good blogs and information sites on which you can genuinely a comment or a contribution which adds some real value. There are hundreds of opportunities for every legimitate website topic if you are patient, look carefully and consider what you can usefully contribute, rather than just rushing in with only a link in mind.

    11. There are many social networking sites like,, and others. You need to analyze and find what makes your site get into it. You can always submit your site to any of these web sites. But then to get into the top echelons of these sites or to make it to the front page of this site, one has to do some ground work.

      And what is that? You need to ensure that you have the appropriate tags done up for your site. If you have tags chosen appropriately, you can also have a backlink from a high PR site for a pretty long duration too. This will ensure that you obtain your Page ranking pretty soon and could be well above 5 or 6 easily.

      Only such high PR backlinks become effective too! Unless you find yourself a good social networking site and understand the working of these sites to push your score up, it is difficult to get an effective backlink! Secondly, only an effective backlink would provide you with hits.

      But then, having a stronger backlink has other advantages too. You will find your rank in the search engine going up with a better backlink score. You can always monitor the number of backlinks you have using any of the search engines themselves. And then keep improving upon it!

    12. Oh man.. i’ve been beating the wrong drum then. So what you are saying is that Quality not quantity?… Make sense.

      I need high PR links to my site…. anyone? Its South Asian dresses website. Let me know ;)

    13. This is a good informing article. Thanks so much for giving us your input into the workings of high PR backlinks. I know this will help with my backlinks as I am in need of high backlinks to help put me back up on page 1.

    14. I would like to know what happens if I buy some backlinks packs from internet ( or ebay) like from seo4u or aladygma-marketing. What is that? Thanks Jaisy

    15. My website was de-indexed from Google. I submitted reconsideration requests several times and nothing. I wonder if quality backlinks would help to get back on the search results.

    16. Thanks for the information. It is quite a bit of work and money getting website ranked in google nowadays. If you go back few years say 2007 it was easy for a company with a website and knew SEO to get ranked in google. The same principles dont apply any more. I am not into SEO but have experienced the difference. Cheers

    17. I have a programming blog and backlinks from different sites but when I am trying to search backlinks through google I cannot find any. My site exists over year but my pagerank is “N/A”. But in search results (by “Perl blog”) it is on the first page. Any ideas what is the reason for this?

    18. High PR backlinks are also built using typical forum entries where you get a better readership. These pages are also found to have higher page ranking and having a backlink from such a higher ranked page is all the better to you! Another major source of good high PR backlinks are the news announcements. If only you could make the news, you will get all the advertisement you want for your site. What more can any one ask for?

    19. The article could have gone into a lot more detail, but thanks for the start. Hopefully I’ll be getting some more high PR backlinks in the future.

    20. Great post. I have experimented with profile links from high pr sites in the past to considerable success. However it is important to get those links indexed. Moreover overdoing it in a short time could prove ineffective.

      Best Regards

    21. Nice post i have site and very difficult to get high page rank if you have no backlinks and not a lot of them i think one could get lot of visitors with HP

    22. I understand the complete logic the value of High PR back links, But i didn’t understand how to find High PR sites, where we can add our links freely. I am still confused about it. Can some one tell me how i can solve my this problem

    23. Another good site which ranks well is eHow. I am able to get top listings in some categories. They’ve recently changed their submission process. Suite 101 is also a growing site, they screen writers for writing ability.

    24. The page mentioned in your comment doesn’t exist anymore. Anyway, I think it’s better to build the links yourself than have others spam the Web for you. Use SeoQuake – it’s a FireFox extension – to find high PR pages in a website and make sure they are doFollow.

    25. hi admin, Another good site which ranks well is eHow. I am able to get top listings in some categories. They’ve recently changed their submission process. Suite 101 is also a growing site, they screen writers for writing ability.

      best regards

    26. Hi Sophie, I have currently developed an Automatic 2.0 free tool that allow to search high PR backlinks from any domain. Would you care adding it to your list? Please contact me using my email. Thank you. -John

    27. According to me it is not neccessary to pay for links. I mean, it is always best to try to gather as much free links as possible. Doing SEO through the years, i found out that free methods are the best ones and they give the best results in long therm. We just need to be more consistent and diligent in what we do.

    28. I thought i might get simple ways to get high pagerank backlinks but these methods are very manual and time consuming. Anyways thanks for the lists, i will consider them :P

    29. I love all the insight to backlinks! Last couple years I’ve been building websites in my free time, and to be honest it can be very time consuming trying to get found for all the right keywords. It has been more beneficial to purchases backlinks with a higher pagerank. Quality over quantity all the way! My favorite ones @
      I noticed a couple of you were interested where to get them, hope my lead helps.
      Good luck in your journeys!

    30. it shocks me how many different views there are on what’s wrong and right in the world of back linking, some say blog posting is good some say bad, some experts sat directories and article submits are bad and others say they are good. seems no one really know what’s wrong and right post penguin,

    31. Nice article. Thanks for sharing such a details with us. I hope it will help me to get some top quality backlinks from different sources. Backlinks are really important to get more organic traffic. But we need to search for quality backlinks. Because high PR backlink is better than thousands of low PR backlinks.

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