iPod nano

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The iPod nano.
I was downtown San Francisco yesterday and popped my head into the SF Apple store to see if the new iPod nano was there and to have a look see. I wasn’t too shocked to see a line of people waiting to get their hands on the iNano, I was more surprised to see that the store actually had the new iPods. Historically Apple hasn’t been very good about having stock on new product when announcements have been made. There have been times that a new product is announced and the masses are ready to lay down cold hard cash right then and there only to find out the new product will ship in 2-3 months. So this was a nice surprise, to see the new iPods ready for sale.

When I first heard of the announcements, I must say, I wasn’t thrilled. What happened to the Macs? Apple seems to be turning into the iPod company. People already call the Apple Store the iPod Store. The Apple Store seems to have more than half of the floor dedicated to iPods and accessories. Try to find a Mac Mini in the store, it’ll take a couple looks to find it. When I saw, and help the new iNano I felt immediate lust. I grabbed one and headed n line to buy. Luckily the line was long, it gave me a chance to come to my senses. Eventually I’ll probably get one, but not now. Not this year. I have the 1GB iShuffle and an older 15GB iPod and those are more than adequate, heck – I’d say I’m spoiled even.

But, the iNano was kewl, light, slim and the color screen was bright. It was very impressive. As I left the store I really had a impact moment when I saw just how much an impact the iPod has had on everyone. Downtown San Francisco is a busy place and everywhere I looked as I was leaving the Apple Store people had thin white wires coming out of their ear. Unmistakable signs that they are rocking out to their iPod. I saw it everywhere.

It was both a very awesome sight and a sad one. I remember when Apple made computers, and a kick ass OS. Yeah yeah – I know, progress. I love my iPod. I adore it. My wife has one, my Mom has one – almost my whole family has one. Almost every single friend of mine has at least one. It’s taking over the world!!!

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