How has the iPod changed your life?

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Years ago when I was just dating my then to-be-wife, one of her dreams was to have a jukebox in the house. A real live jukebox, a machine to put all our CD’s into so that all our favorite tunes were just a couple button pushes away. I loved that dream. How cool would that have been?

Now she has an iPod, and I have an iPod and an iPod Shuffle. This situation is even BETTER than her wildest dreams. With her original dream the jukebox would have been this huge piece of furniture over in the corner, and while it would have been a nice thing to have and it definitely would have been a great conversation piece, the iPod wins hands down!

So, how has the iPod changed your life? Or rather, Life. For me, here at DizzyPixel, the iPod is as essential as air and water. Music is constantly on, be it from iTunes or the iPod. When travel is needed, the iPod not only acts as a music player, but also a FireWire HD. That’s another MAJOR way that the iPod has changed my life.

While I only have a 15GB version, (my wife still has the original 5GB version – had to swap out the battery already), 15 GB is enough for now. I usually keep about 10 GB of music and leave 5GB of HD space for any files that I may need while on the road. I can keep full websites on the iPod, development and productions files, etc… It’s really the perfect little device, and each new revision just makes the iPod more and more useful.
So, how has the iPod changed your life?

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