Flip 4 Mac – bye bye Windows Media Player!

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I just had to post this. I’m always on the look-out for any little apps/technology that makes life a bit easier. I’m also for anything that works better. Flip4Mac is one of those things.
I work on a Mac all day long, and damn happy to be working on a Mac. I’ve wrked on the PC and I tell you, there is a difference. But that’s not what I want to share. I want to share Flip4Mac. If you have a Mac and you have friends who send you emails with media clips in Windows Media Player format, you’ll love this little app. Basically it lets the QuickTime movie player play .wmv files. This is huge.
Windows Media Player for the Mac was a crappy little media player that never quite worked right. Fast forwarding through the clip always brought the player to it’s knees. Converting from one format to another for business reasons was a PITA! Flip4Mac has fixed everything. They have a free player for those who just want to play the wmv files, and a pay-for pro version that lets you convert and compress existing wmv files. And it works so seamless. So, go get it!

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