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Because the inner workings of my new Dual 2.7 Ghz G5 Mac don’t really concern me, I’m more of a software guy than a hardware guy, I’m really curious about the huge fuss over this Apple>Intel switch. For me, it comes down to this: if my Mac works as I’ve expected my Mac to work, I don’t care what’s inside. The defining aspect of my Mac, or rather my decision to use Mac, has never been the Hardware. It’s been the OS, the software. While the Hardware design definitely influences my purchases, it’s the OS and the software that seal the deal.

I came across this news article on Yahoo today that brings up an excellent point. Knowing that Apple is going to go down the road of Intel, and that the transition won’t happen for a year, would you buy a new Mac now? Or would you wait until the new Intel machines come out?

Luckily, (or not so – depending on how the new machines work), I don’t have to make that choice. I’ve already bought the new machine. My concern now is making sure that the machine is supported for at least 4-5 years. But If I didn’t get my new Mac, would I have still bought it, knowing Apple’s new direction? I believe so. But, that’s me. It will be interesting to see how the rest of the world reacts. I’m not the best litmus test for these things. I have a history of investing in companies that end up dead. I won’t go into it, but the list isn’t a short one.

So, according to that news article, 33% of those surveyed said they wouldn’t be buying a new Mac machine until the new Intel-based machines are available. If that’s any indication of the rest of the Mac-buying public, that’s a big number. However, it’s important to remember that that 33% was a survey from the WWDC. The actual total may be less. And it may be more. I know of a couple friends who have decided to wait until the MacTel Macs come out.

So, will a 33% decline in Mac sales be painful to Apple? What’s your take? Have you put off a decision to buy a new Mac? Are you waiting until the new MacTel’s come out?

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