Where to Buy a Ramona Flowers Bag

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So, you’ve just watched Scott Pilgrim vs. the World and you’re desperate to find out where Ramona Flowers bag comes from? Well, welcome to the answer.

Ramona Flowers (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) is an American expat living in Canada and working as a ‘ninja delivery girl’ for Amazon. In both the graphic novel and the movie Ramona can be seen carrying a cool little bag/purse: a circular little thing with a star in the center.

In the graphic novel the bag is blue with a pink star, but in the movie the decision was made to replace the blue with hunter green and the pink star with a navy one (probably to match the outfit Ramona was wearing in the scene in which the bag made an appearance – Flowers is far too cool to clash).

Depending on where your loyalties lie – to the movie or the graphic novel – both versions are available for sale. As a guy, if I muster up enough enthusiasm to care about a handbag I’d opt for the hunter green/navy blue version of the Ramona Flowers bag, simply because I’m not a fan of the color pink and I’m a big fan of Winstead’s turn as Flowers. If you’re more of a traditionalist I guess the blue/pink version is more fitting for fans of the graphic novel.

In any case, the Ramona Flowers messenger bag would make a great addition to a Ramona Flowers fancy dress costume, and from the look of the reviews the stitching and construction are more than solid enough to allow this messenger bag to be used day to day. As a guy who writes a hell of a lot about fancy dress costumes I find it surprising that something like this is well-made, but I guess it’s down to the fact that so many people want their own version of the bag for day to day use that the manufacturer’s couldn’t afford to fob them off with a poorly made novelty. Win!

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