Clear Cosmetic Bags: TSA Compliant Cosmetic Bags for Air Travel

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Let me tell ya, I fly more than most people. Just in the last year I’ve flown between the UK and Mongolia three times, Thailand and the US twice and countless flights within Asia, Europe and the continental US. It’s a pain in the ass, but it comes with the job.

Through all of these flights I’ve learned just one thing: people are idiots.

OK, so that may be a grossly unfair generalization. What I mean is that over 10 years after 9/11, a decade after the world became a thousand times more paranoid and lacking in trust, there are still people who just don’t understand that there are strict rules for what you can and cannot take on an airplane. The TSA (Transportation Security Administration) don’t mess around, and if you break the rules you’ll find yourself in a world of hurt.

Even so, every flight I ever take is packed full of people who fail to grasp the rules. They attempt to bring huge cosmetic bags on board. Soup. Scissors. Swiss Army knives and cigarette lighters. Every one of them seems baffled when these items are confiscated by security.

Whether or not you believe that the TSA regulations governing air travel make a lick of sense you have no choice but to abide by them if you want to board that plane. So, today’s sermon will be on the theme of clear cosmetic bags: when can you use them, what size can you use, and where to buy TSA approved clear cosmetic bags.

When Can You Use Clear Cosmetic Bags?

TSA regulations on the use of clear cosmetic bags have gained international acceptance since they were introduced in November 2006.

A complete list of countries that harmonize with TSA liquid carry-on regulation can be found at the TSA website.

What Size Clear Cosmetic Bags Can You Use?

The TSA follows what they call the ‘3-1-1 Rule’. Passengers are permitted to carry liquid in bottles no larger than 3 ounces. They need to carry these bottle in a 1 quart sized bag. They are permitted 1 bag per passenger.

3-1-1. Simple as that.

Where Can You Buy TSA Compliant Clear Cosmetic Bags?

Fortunately in the years since the introduction of the 3-1-1 rule many manufacturers have stepped up to produce clear cosmetic bags that comply with TSA regulations. These are usually cheap, simple and can be purchased in most airports.

If you’d like to avoid the inflated prices charged for clear cosmetic bags in the airport, however, you should plan ahead and purchase a clear cosmetic bag ahead of time. Here are some great options for TSA compliant bags.

FlyBags TSA Compliant Toiletry Bag

This is definitely one for the girls. Featuring pink trim, real leather and a zip top, the FlyBags toiletry bag is fully TSA compliant and includes 3 2.5oz clear plastic bottles, a pair of earplugs and a branded eyemask for a comfortable flight.

Plane to See Clear Security Case

As simple as they come, the Plane to See security case is a basic, lightweight clear cosmetic bag with no frills and a low, low price.

Secured by a sturdy zipper and attached to a tough wrist strap, the Plane to See bag is a simple, no nonsense and fully compliant with TSA regulations.

Travel Accessories Travelon Bag

For the best value, thought, it would be difficult to beat the Travelon bag. At just $5.99 you’ll get a quart sized zip top bag, 4 2oz clear plastic bottles and 2 0.75oz bottles.

The reviews for this bag aren’t stellar, to say the least, so if you need a clear cosmetic bag that will last for several flights you should invest in something of higher quality. If you rarely fly and simply need a bag to get through a vacation, though, it would be hard to to find a better option than the Travelon bag.

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