Where to Buy the Hangover Watch Worn by Bradley Cooper

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The watch worn by Bradley Cooper in the Hangover

Before I check out of the office for a well deserved beer (it’s -35 Celsius outside, so believe me when I say well deserved) I noticed something in our stats for the day. Last week we spent a whole day writing about one of our pet subjects. movie sunglasses, and during that day we knocked out a quick article about the Hangover sunglasses (that was a great movie for lovers of shades).

Now, as I do every day before stamping my time card I had a quick look through comments and stat reports, and I noticed an unusually large number of people had landed here looking for information about the Hangover watch worn by Bradley Cooper. The info wasn’t on the page and I felt bad for them (I know the frustration of searching fruitlessly for information about movie accessories), so before heading to the bar I did a little digging.

The watch, it seems, was Bradley Cooper’s own. Actors often wear their own jewelry and accessories on set, and as long as they don’t clash with the character (i.e. a college kid wearing a vintage Omega, or a bum in Vuarnet sunglasses) they’re allowed to keep them on.

So, armed with this information a couple of intrepid enthusiasts managed to somehow get in touch with Cooper through about a million degrees of separation, and their hard work eventually paid off when Bradley answered the question in an interview. The Hangover watch, Cooper reports, is a Maurice Lacroix Les Classiques, a beautifully slim little number that retails at around $600 (far outside the price range of a school teacher, no matter how much he steals from his kids).

Still, considering the fact that the watch gets about fifteen seconds screen time in the movie I guess it isn’t important that this is a luxury watch – only the most eagle eyed of timepiece enthusiasts could possibly identify the model.

We’re guessing, then, that you guys who are searching for the Hangover watch are just looking for something in the same style: a slim dress watch with a black leather strap and simple white face (a classic look, we must admit). To that end, we’ve taken a look at a few good options for the Hangover watch look that don’t come with a price tag large enough to make you cry…

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The Seiko SKP330, in particular, has some great reviews.

Oh, p.s. Don’t forget to pair these watches with a rumpled, turned up blue shirt and a devil may care attitude.

2 thoughts on “Where to Buy the Hangover Watch Worn by Bradley Cooper

  1. How could I not love this watch, I loved the Hangover it’s one of my favorite movies of all time and I also love Mr. Bradley Cooper. He is an amazing actor who has come along way since the Midnight Meat-train. The watch is nice and I’m glad there is one in my priceline because no way am I going to buy a $500 watch. :)

  2. Hey guys

    First off, I appreciate the great work you do, catering for the movie kit nerds such as myself :)

    I own the Maurice Lacroix watch you refer to in this article (well nearly – I have the model that also has the day under the 12 position), and I also love the film The Hangover. In fact, I did originally wish to buy this watch precisely because of the film, but in the end didn’t buy it until some time later because aside from the Hollywood provenance, it’s a cool watch regardless (and quartz, which makes a nice change to the other dress watches I have which are all autos.

    Anyway, the reason for my post here is to say I really do not think that Bradley Cooper is wearing this watch in the film. It just doesn’t have the right indices. Or the right bezel. In the scene in the Police interview room, as well as when he’s writing stuff in the hospital (having quizzed the doc) you get a clear view.

    Indices are not long and slender but more square. The bezel appears to have a stepped edge rather than the smooth round contour of the watch I own. And lastly, the watch appears to be at least a 40mm case. The watch I own is a 38mm. Unless Bradley Cooper has insanely small wrists and somehow makes the 38mm look bigger, I doubt it’s the model he’s apparently said it is.

    Maybe he wears two watches in the film? Maybe he switched his out for the scenes where it may have taken a knock? All I know is that even though I desperately want the film watch to be the one you think it is, I just don’t think it is.

    Case re-opened??!

    Best regards,

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