How To Remotely Access Another Computer

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Holidays are meant to be enjoyed; yet you are bothering in the hotel room. While the kids want you to take them to the swimming pool, you are worrying about the important business deal. There is no doubt that you can access your emails using the hotel’s Internet connection, but what about the presentation files that is lying there on your home pc?

If only you could access the same, your problems would be solved ad you could have clinched the business deal right now. You don’t need to panic at that situation. The wonders of the Internet has now made it possible for you to access your pc from anywhere in the world, irrespective of geographical locations.

Remotely Access Another Computer

All that is required are two pc’s that are both connected to the net. There are special programs available that will allow you to connect your Internet connected pc to any other pc in the world that is connected to the Internet too. The best remote desktop program I know that can do this is GoToMyPc.

Most operating systems are supported and since the computers are connected through a private and secure connection, you can be rest assured that both the computers will be safe from prying eyes and that your data will be absolutely safe. If you have any doubts about the efficiency of the program, you can download a demo version and try it out before purchasing the same.

What are you waiting for, just tell your neighbor to download this software and install it on your home PC while you do the same on your laptop. In a few minutes you will be able to download the presentation file that is vital to secure the huge order you have been chasing for a long time. The Internet has made the world smaller, but programs like this one has virtually brought your home pc right next to your hotel bed.

Remotely Access Another Computer

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  1. Being a bit of a noob i am trying to improve my computer skills so that one day i can set up an internet company and quit my current job. This will allow me to run my internet company from anywhere. This would be awesome.

    Excellent article

  2. I think this software is a good news for businessmen and this will solve their problems.Knowing its advantages I am ready to say that this software is really best.

  3. I like the idea behind this more than PC Anywhere as long as it’s secure. I have PCAnywhere and needing extra software installed is really inconvenient.

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