Small Black Mobile Phone | What to choose?

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I’m not really a mobile person, but the other day I got tired of my old one and decided to buy a new. It didn’t have to a fancy new one, BUT it should be small and black. Apparently this limits the market a lot. I would have thought most people were looking for something like that, but I was wrong. It took me about two hours to find one I liked. But there it was. Released a little over a year ago (means it is pretty cheap). Small, handy, touch-screen and with a nice design. So what did I choose? The small black mobile Samsung Armani SGH-P520.

And that was a good choice. Smooth, easy to use – pretty much anything you can ask for. And it is so pretty. I paid a little less than 300$ for the mobile and can be bought almost anywhere on the internet. This included an extra battery and a wireless headset. What more can I say? I’m a happy guy. I have included the specification below.

small black mobile

So to sum up, if you just want a small black mobile, then go with the Samsung Armani.

3 thoughts on “Small Black Mobile Phone | What to choose?

  1. That’s quite nice small n cute phone.I really liked its size, as carrying a big phone is really problematic as it doesn’t fit in your jeans pocket and then you need to carry an extra case for it so that this sophisticated piece of instrument doesn’t get scratched and you always fear forgetting it somewhere :)

  2. that’s a cute and fashionable phone. the size almost similar with i pod nano. cool product!

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