LEGO Princess Leia: Every Princess Leia LEGO Figure

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We’ve been writing a lot recently about Star Wars LEGO. We’re not really sure why (only a few people each day actually click through to these articles), but for some reason we find it a lot of fun to bang on about these little plastic characters.

Anyway, today I’d like to talk about LEGO Princess Leia. Specifically, I’d like to talk about all of the different Princess Leia LEGO characters, their price and where you can buy them. As it turns out, the good people at LEGO couldn’t seem to stop once they’d made the first. Let’s take a look at them in chronological order…

Princess Leia: A New Hope

Decked out in her flowing white dress, the original Princess Leia can be found here fresh from the Death Star detention cell (though, fortunately, without all the gunk from the trash compactor all over her).

The original run of the New Hope Leia minifigure ran from 2007-2010, so if you’re looking for one you should buy sooner rather than later.

Princess Leia: Empire

Flash ahead three years and you’ll find Princess Leia on Hoth, helping lead the Rebel forces against the Republic. Here we find her in a warm down jacket to protect against the icy chill of the planet.

Princess Leia Slave Costume

This one really needs no introduction. The Princess Leia slave costume featured in Return of the Jedi (and the imaginations of many a young man).

This LEGO Princess Leia minifigure was originally exclusive to the Jabba’s Sail Barge Set (#6210), but a small number of figures found their way onto the market to be sold individually, and can now be bought for just a couple of dollars.

Princess Leia on Endor

Finally, my favorite of the bunch. This is Leia’s costume as she battles on Endor with the support of the Ewoks. The Leia minifigure is wearing a loose camouflage outfit and blaster belt, ready to sneak through the forests of Endor towards the Death Star shield generator.

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