What is the Best iPhone and iPod Car Charger?

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I have a confession to make…

I am a huge Apple fanboi. I have been for many years now, and it’s manifested itself in a deep and abiding love for my iPhone (though I also have every other Apple product under the sun).

I use my iPhone everywhere, and throughout the day you’ll find me playing the latest games to rocking out in my car to my latest tunes. It’s in the car, though, that I struggle the most with my addiction.

You see, at the moment I’m living and working in Mongolia, and my day job takes me out of the city and into the countryside several times each week. You probably don’t know a great deal about this country (few people do), but one important point is that, once you leave Ulaanbaatar, you can drive for days on end without meeting another human being. More importantly, though, you can drive for days on end without finding an electrical outlet. When I’m on the road I either sleep in the back of the car or knock on the door of a ger, the traditional home of Mongolian nomads, to ask for a bed for the night.

It was important, then, that I found a good iphone car charger before moving out to Mongolia, and in the months leading up to the big move I decided to test drive a few of the best reviewed iphone 4 car chargers. Knowing that I would be unable to buy a new one once I reached Mongolia I knew it was vital that I found a car charger that was dependable, high quality and, of course, compatible with the iPhone 4 – you’d be surprised at how many iphone car chargers claim to be compatible but actually aren’t.

After a heck of a lot of trial and error – during which I almost destroyed my iPhone 4 thanks to a defective, terrible product that didn’t seem compatible with any iPhone, I finally found the Skiva PowerFlow car charger for iPhone 4.

Straight out of the box this car charger worked perfectly and did exactly what it claimed. The power flows at a steady 2.1 Amps, ensuring that there are no power surges that could overheat or damage my iPhone.

What’s more, the Skiva iPhone car charger is also compatible with my iPad. This is the first iPhone car charger I’ve tried that can also charge the iPad – and the third I’ve tried that claimed to do so. The other two car chargers I used that claimed to have the ability to charge the iPad simply didn’t do anything. I’m not sure how they get away with such an obvious lie, but the products are still on the market.

Anyway…. the Skiva car charger really does work wonders with my iPhone 4. I’ve been using it without problems for three months now, and it still charges my iPhone 4 and iPad as quickly as it did the first day I tried it.

So, if you’re looking for the best car charger for an iPhone 4, iPad or iPad 2 I can really recommend the Skiva iPhone car charger. It simply does the job I ask of it, and that’s more than enough.

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