Differences in Windows 7 versions

Though many was hoping that this version of Windows would be released in a much simpler form than Windows XP and Vista, Microsoft decided to keep running down the same […]

HTC Touch HD – Review

While Apple has only had two mobiles on the CV, HTC has now released an impressive amount of mobiles. And it seems like HTC is doing better with experience they […]

Web Comics Resurgence!

When I started out in the visual arts, my passion was for comics. At first I was hooked on comic books. Then I really got hooked on comic strips, enough […]

Office 2010 In Retail

Today (15, Jun 2010) Microsoft announced that Office 2010 is available in retail, though Volume Licensing customers have been able to get their hands on it since April 27. In […]

Windows 7 Basic (Home) features

Windows 7 Home Basic is a lightweight version of Win7 just like Windows Starter and it also doesn’t use the graphics of Aero Glass. But unlike Wnidows Starter this version […]

More about Apple’s switch to Intel…

Because the inner workings of my new Dual 2.7 Ghz G5 Mac don’t really concern me, I’m more of a software guy than a hardware guy, I’m really curious about […]

Stop Motion Animation is Back with a Vengeance!

What a great month for the animated movie! Both Corpse Bride, and Wallace & Gromit, two new feature-length animated movies hit the screens this past month. And critics thought that […]


One thing I’ve noticed about computers, verses any other medium, is that there is never an end to upgrades. Not just hardware, but software too. In fact, software more so […]

Windows 7′s Fundamental Problem

One of the main organizers of this years Hack in the Box conference which will take place in July 2010, Dhillon Andrew Kannabhiran, claims in an interview on WebWereld (webwereld.nl) […]