Stop Motion Animation is Back with a Vengeance!

What a great month for the animated movie! Both Corpse Bride, and Wallace & Gromit, two new feature-length animated movies hit the screens this past month. And critics thought that […]

Loving Photoshop CS2

My ongoing love affair with Photoshop and the Healing Brush. One of the drags of working with a film-based camera in a digital world is Scanning. While scanning is necessary […]

Studio 8

Macromedia this week delivered Studio 8, basically an upgrade to Flash and Dreamweaver. Macromedia offered a pre-sale for this upgrade and anyone who pre-ordered the Studio 8 also got a […]

iPod nano

The iPod nano. I was downtown San Francisco yesterday and popped my head into the SF Apple store to see if the new iPod nano was there and to have […]

Web Comics Resurgence!

When I started out in the visual arts, my passion was for comics. At first I was hooked on comic books. Then I really got hooked on comic strips, enough […]