Where to Buy Robert Downey Jr’s Due Date Sunglasses

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Way back in the mists of time I was introduced to Robert Downey Jr. through the hit, terrible TV show Ally McBeal. My girlfriend at the time forced me to watch it, and as I got to know this man through the show and all sorts of unsettling news stories I came to think of him as… well, as a bit of a douche.

It was only years later that I happened to catch Downey Jr’s turn in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. By the time the credits rolled I was forced to reevaluate the guy. Could it be that this tool can actually act? My question was answered in later roles in Good Night, and Good Luck and Zodiac. Yup, Downey Jr. has some serious acting chops.

I now call myself a Robert Downey Jr. fan, something I’d never have expected as I watched him chew the scenery through episodes of McBeal a decade ago.

What’s more, this guy is damned cool, and he only improves with age. As Downey Jr. ran into his forties he became that guy we all hope to be in our forties: a cool guy. He’s not pretending to be a kid, but he owns his age and makes it work for him. In most of his roles today (discounting the heavily costumed Sherlock Holmes) Downey Jr. cuts an impressive figure with sober, stylish clothing and fantastic accessories.

This brings us to the theme of today’s sermon: the Due Date sunglasses. Robert Downey Jr rocked a great pair of shades in Due Date, and in the months following the release of the movie there was a fair amount of interest on the web about the brand and model from those who wanted to buy a pair for themselves.

Well, we did a little digging and we can report that the Due Date sunglasses were none other than Oliver Peoples Benedict frames – the same sunglasses worn by Bradley Cooper in Hangover 2. Here are a couple of stills from Due Date to show off these fantastic frames…

Robert Downey Jr wearing the Ray-Ban sunglasses in Due Date

Now, Oliver Peoples sunglasses don’t exactly come cheap. If you can swing a few hundred dollars then have at it with my blessing, but for those of us who don’t have a bag of cash to lay down on a pair of shades it’s possible to get the look without the price tag.

Oliver Peoples Benedict shades are aviator glasses, and the original and best aviators on the planet come from Ray Ban, along with a reasonable price tag and a half century of heritage.

To match the Robert Downey Jr level of cool I recommend a pair of Aviators in mirrored gold or crystal green – like the Due Date shades they’ll hold a brown tint in sunlight, complimenting a lightly bronzed complexion similar to Downey Jr’s. In fact, why don’t you already own a pair of Ray Bans? They’re possible the best reviewed sunglasses of all time! For shame, sir. For shame.

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